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Here's how to claim your discount:

  • Pick a product (one that's applicable for a promotion discount) from our online store.
  • Go to your shopping cart by clicking the ‘shopping cart’ icon at the top of the screen.
  • Click the ‘Promo Code’ field in the Shopping Cart page.
  • A promotion code field will appear. Type your promotion code into the field and hit ‘Apply'.

Keep in mind the promotion code:

  • Is only valid for a limited time.
  • Might contain product exclusions and exceptions.
  • Cannot be applied after you've placed an order.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions, offers or discounts. If more than one promotion or discount offer applies to your order, we'll use the one with the largest discount.

It’s easy to make mistakes if you enter the code manually. Some common mistakes are:

  • Check spacing, character errors and/or spelling mistakes.
  • The promotion code field is case-sensitive. Check that ‘Caps Lock’ button is not on and use upper case where necessary.
  • Check to make sure you’re not mixing up the numbers 0/1 and the letters O/I.
  • Please read the specific Terms and Conditions in the source of the promotion to make sure that your promotion applies to your order. If you are sure the promotion is valid for your order but it still doesn’t work, then please contact us.